Guess What? Chicken Butt!

Raising chickens means dealing with keeping the chickens healthy. Once common problem that chicks face is called “Pasty Butt.” I don’t know if this is a legit term, or if this is just something my husband made up, but it is a real problem. Pasty butt is when the chick’s poop clings to its feathers around the vent, ultimately blocking the vent, which can kill the bird.

We noticed that some of our chicks had pasty butt, so chick washing was called for this morning.

It turns out that though chicks aren’t terribly fond of being washed, they do seem to enjoy blow-drying.

Chick bath.
Chick bath.

Blow dry
Blow dry
A very relaxed chick, enjoying a spa treatment.
A very relaxed chick, enjoying a spa treatment.
Resting before going back to their home.

Of course, who can resist taking some photos of baby birds when they’re all clean and fluffy?

160205-6 160205-7 160205-8 160205-9 160205-10 160205-11 160205-12 160205-13 160205-14

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