My Autistic Son Called Me From His School, and It Was Sweet

Any parent knows that horror you feel when the phone rings and it’s from your child’s school, especially when it’s during school hours. This is even worse when your child is autistic and prone to violent meltdowns. What horrible thing has happened, and how quickly must I pack up and head there?

This afternoon as I was in the classroom getting ready to teach when my phone rang. It was the school. I braced myself for the worst and answered the phone. I expected to hear the voice of the principal, or of my son’s teacher.

Instead, I hear, “Hi Mom.”

Students filed in and took their seats while I talked to my son. Apparently he was worried about me.

Worried. Why?

This morning, I had complained about a migraine that I was dealing with, and that I also had a sinus headache from a cold. My son apparently had worried all day about how I felt. He was especially concerned that he might have been the one who gave me the cold.

I was fine, I assured him. But I had to teach, now. But I’d head straight to pick him up as soon as I was finished teaching.

I hung up and turned to the class. Those that knew me had gathered that I was talking to my son and were watching me with concerned looks. The rest were a little confused, but interested.

I announced to the class that my son had called, and that he had only called because he was worried about me because I’ve been sick.

Grins and squees filled the room.

Yes, in fact, that was about the sweetest call I could have gotten at that hour, and it’s brightened my whole day.

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