Saying Goodbye to Niko

Today – this whole weekend in fact – has been good. Except for one thing.

Today we lost Niko. Niko is the cat that came with the house. He was a feral cat that at some point we trapped and had neutered maybe eight years ago. A few months later, he became a sweet and social (if a little pushy) house cat.

We’ll miss him.


Recent photos of Niko’s shenanigans:

1506687_10100352984378308_4199504989055786208_n 1920515_10100359133734948_6937450967590249926_n 10958850_10100346041836218_1181490317891241017_o 10985527_10100340447153008_3769034762329505822_nYounger and healthier days:

132672_600878811918_157791_o 63660_10100129812371798_648483671_n 1909799_511066556398_3145_n 61896_590556632648_6602018_nThe tongue sticking out was Niko’s signature expression. How could you not miss this?

Rest in Peace, Nico.

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