I had some plans for the weekend. They fell through.

So, instead, I’m going to work on catching up on my brewing back-log.

1) Bottle Penny’s Yam-Tastic Oil-Change Porter

2) Brew one or more of the following:

I have ingredients for the Hennepin and for the Wheat Beer. I need to go to Beers of the World to pick up ingredients for the yam ale (though I have most of them already). The ingredients for the gruit and heather ales are on their way.

The ingredients and equipment for the Irish red ale are also here, and can be done on the stove-top. It should be relatively easy.

Once I’ve bottled the porter, I’ll head to the store and get the rest of the ingredients for the Yam ale. I need to start the Yam ale, if only so that I can compare its flavor with that of the pumpkin ale (that I still have a few bottles of). I want to know the difference in flavor that the yam provides compared to the pumpkin.

Then, we’ll see what happens. The Irish red will be easy, but maybe can be done during the week. I’d make the heather bock if the kit turns up today. Otherwise I’ll probably do the Hennepin clone. The all-grain wheat might have to wait until spring, as I’ve never made an all-grain batch before and I don’t want to struggle with the equipment when it’s well below freezing outside. My brewing room is unheated.

So stay tuned…

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