Old Habits Die Hard

One of the challenges of making resolutions at the beginning of the year is that they almost always involve breaking old habits and starting new ones.

Old habits are loathe to die.

We all have our bad habits. One of mine is the ever-popular, ‘Oh, I can exercise later in the day so I can sleep in now’ habit. This is the one that strikes at 5 in the morning when your alarm goes off to remind you to get up and work out before going to work. We all know that the chances of getting up the gumption to exercise after a long day of work is highly unlikely.

But somehow, almost every day I think, ‘Naw. I got it this time.’

There was a time a little over a year ago when I pulled off the feat of exercising before work fairly consistently for nearly a month.

Yeah, well, I haven’t done it since, except for once or twice.

That’s gotta change. Life’s to busy to think I’ll have time in the afternoon. All I have to do is look at my calendar and I know it ain’t gonna happen.

But then the alarm goes off, and I figure I can sleep for a few more minutes – or an hour like it usually winds up.

I gotta stop that. I gotta get up. I gotta slap that habit in the face and send it in the other room to exercise.

But my bed is so comfy!

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