Art Every Day – Day 30

This morning I was inspired. I had planned on spending the day grading exams and maybe working on the quiver I told you about earlier this month. Instead, I came upon this post:


I had to make one.

I didn’t have all the suggested materials, but I knew I could improvise. (Next year’s will be a lot better though).

I started with two empty 12-pack boxes. All right, I bought a new one just for the occasion. Quite a sacrifice, I know. Then I selected 24 bottles of brewed deliciousness, either home-brewed or store-bought.

// I emptied out and stuck the two boxes together.


Then I lovingly wrapped the boxes

// put in my beers as randomly as I could. I put them in top first so I couldn’t see the cap. Next time, I’ll just put them right side up.


Then I covered the top with more wrapping paper.

//, I put it in a special place and randomly numbered the spots. Starting tomorrow, it’s a surprise brew a day!


December’s gonna be great!

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Scientist (Paleontology, Geochemistry, Geology); Writer (Speculative and Science Fiction, plus technical and non-technical Science); Mom to great boy on the Autism spectrum; possessor of too many hobbies.

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