Art Every Day – Day 29 – I’m still here

My goal for November was to do some art every day. It was a challenge I accepted. I failed a bit. The last ten days I’ve done no visual arts, but I did finish writing 50,000 fresh new words on a novel that’s going to be totally awesome when it’s finished.

In other words, I won NaNoWriMo. (I’ll share some excerpts soon, as soon as I actually finish the story.)

So today I thought I might finish the art project I started at the beginning of the month. You, know the one with all the fish? Here’s my last fish:

The final fish.
The final fish.

With this final fish, I completed a lovely pop-culture pun, below. I figured I’d better finish it before its reference faded into one-hit-wonder history.

A visual pop-culture pun. Do you get it?
A visual pop-culture pun. Do you get it?

Did you get it?


  1. eris says:

    I have been staring at these fish and trying to figure out the joke and I DO NOT GET IT and it is driving me crazy!!! Please explain!!!


    1. Penny says:

      It’s all about the bass. 😉


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