Art Every Day – Day 4

A little art every day. It seems easy enough.

Today’s effort wasn’t as good as I would have liked. It’s part of the little project I began to show off yesterday. Another fish, of course.

Not sure I'm totally pleased with this drawing, but whatever...
Not sure I’m totally pleased with this drawing, but whatever…

I don’t care for the color, but I can mess with it. Maybe it won’t matter at all.

I’ve also started a little week-day photographic challenge called Dinovember. It seems that toy dinosaurs all over the world get into all manner of shenanigans during the month of November.

The only toy dinosaurs I have live in my office. I’m a paleontologist. Where else would my dinosaur toys be?

And, as anticipated, the dinosaurs have been up to no good.



Look for more photos as the month progresses. It’s hard to know what those silly dinosaurs will get themselves into next. Suffice it to say, I’m a little nervous.

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  1. Justine says:

    What fun! I love your adventuring dinosaurs, and am now feeling sad that we gave ours to a younger child!


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