A Leafy Gown

National Blog Posting Month – September 2014 – Crunch

Prompt – Craft bloggers: come up with a project that uses crunchy autumnal leaves.


Hmm. Well, I’m not exactly a crafter. I do artsy things, of course. I sew. I paint (sometimes). I write. But making something with leaves… not exactly my forte.

The only crafty things I can think of are things my son might do: Leaf rubbings, or laminating leaves. Not particularly original, and frankly, not all that exciting to me.

But what could I do with my own skill set to incorporate autumn’s leaves into a crafty project?

I’m envisioning a long multi-layered, short-sleeved gown in shades of yellow, orange, red, gold, and brown. Some fabrics are light and airy. Others are heavy and stiffer. The different layers have waved, dagged, or zig-zagged edges, emulating the overall shape of fallen leaves. Embroidery with black, brown, or red threads echoing vein structures and insect damage common in leaf piles.


Now that I see it in my head, I feel like I need to make it. Or at least draw it.

Maybe later.

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