There’s always the last minute…

National Blog Posting Month – September 2014 – Crunch

Prompt – What do you always put off to last minute?


This prompt is timely. I was just looking at my to-do list and noticing what I had listed for last Friday. It was all items for my grant proposal. All things that I usually leave off for the last minute. All things that I didn’t do on Friday because we decided to postpone the submission until December.

I looked at the list and removed a few things. Some things just can’t be done until later. We decided to postpone because of problems with the budget, so clearly I can’t deal with the budget.

But other items I could do. Two items won’t change at all between now and December. And those two items were just sitting there, begging me to put them off. They aren’t terribly difficult, these two things, but they do require me to dig into old e-mails and notes and remember a few things.

So they’re easy. Perfect procrastination fodder.

I did them today. They’re done. So when it’s submission time in December, they’ll be ready.

I feel so accomplished!

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