Fall’s Red Slime

National Blog Posting Month – September 2014 – Crunch

Prompt – Is there any fall flavour that turns your stomach?


What Fall flavor makes me – er – less than happy?

Well there is this one thing that always turns up on the Thanksgiving table. I hate it. I only buy it because certain annoying and very vocal family members demand it. I buy it just to shut them up and smile sweetly as they berate me for not wanting it on my plate.

What is this hideous substance? This stable of holiday dining?

Cranberry sauce.

Seriously. How can something that looks so much like Jello taste so not like Jello. Like exactly the opposite. Like, not even palatable.

What cruel joke is cranberry sauce. It looks like it ought to taste good. It totally does not.

No, I will not put it on my turkey, or anywhere on my plate.

That hideous reddish slime will not come even close to me.

Nope, you can have all you want. I’d prefer to enjoy my meal.

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