Person For Scale – You Know You’re a Geologist When…

"Person for Scale." Pre-order your's now!

There are lists hopping around the Internet about ways to tell if you’re this or that. One of my favorites is the You Know You’re a Geologist When… list. There is a lengthy discussion of the signs and habits of the creature called “Geologist” here at Uncyclopedia.

This list (taken from the Colgate website) provides the top ten signs you’re a geologist. And I’ve experienced nearly every one of them:

Top Ten Signs You Might Be A Geologist:

10. You have ever had to respond “yes” to the question, “What have you got
in here, rocks?”

9. You have ever taken a 15-passenger van over “roads” that were really
intended only for cattle

8. You have ever found yourself trying to explain to airport security that
a rock hammer isn’t really a weapon

7. Your rock garden is located inside your house

6. You have ever hung a picture using a Brunton as a level, and your rock hammer as your hammer

5. Your collection of beer cans and/or bottles rivals the size of your rock collection

4. You consider a “recent event” to be anything that has happened in the
last hundred thousand years

3. Your photos include people only for scale and you have more pictures of
your rock hammer and lens cap than of your family

2. You have ever been on a field trip that included scheduled stops at a
gravel pit and/or a liquor store

And the #1 sign you might be a geologist:

1. You have ever uttered the phrase “have you tried licking it” with no
sexual connotations involved

Number three is a common problem. I’ve had family members complain that there aren’t many good photos of me. “Why do you only take pictures of the rocks?”

This last summer, while in the field, my intrepid crew and I decided we needed a shirt that would clarify what the person’s purpose in the field photos is, and, because the shirt contains a scale, the photo could be used in a professional publication.

And thus, this design was born:

"Person for Scale." Pre-order your's now!
Pre-order yours now!

The “Person for Scale” shirt is going to happen. This fall (2014), it will be the department T-shirt for Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Rochester.

The vertical scale featured is in accurate centimeters, so this shirt can still be useful when you have exceptionally tall or short field help!


Sorry, they’re only available in Irish green (The color on this image appears a little wonky).

Pre-orders are being accepted now through September 29, 2014. Orders received after that and before October 15 can probably also be filled with no problem, but the main order will be placed on October 1.

The cost is $15 per shirt and a flat rate of $3 per address if they need to be shipped. Payment is due before shirts can be shipped.

Orders should ship by October 22 (but please be patient with us because this is a student-run thing and we have no idea what will happen here).

Proceeds support the University of Rochester’s Undergraduate Student Geology Organization (USGO).

For more information, please e-mail me at pennilyn (dot) higgins (at) rochester (dot) edu. I’ll set you up!

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