Field work travelog – Day 26, Plaster jackets

When last we were in the field, we had noted three fossils that needed plaster jackets. Today was the day to jacket them.

We started with a long bone – a femur, I think – that had already been prepped and was ready for plaster.

Them we moved to a marvelous turtle. This one had to be trenched, prepped, and then jacketed. This took a while in the blazing sun. Thankfully we had a pop-up canopy to provide some portable shade.

Finally, we shifted to a large mammalian ulna. It’s all trenched now, and nearly ready for jacketing.

Naturally, while some of us were trenching, others were still wandering about making discoveries.

Like that little mammal skull.

So now we have to finish one jacket tomorrow and start another.

These are the kinds of problems paleontologists like to have.

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