Field work travelog – Day 25, Of dinosaurs and leaks.

Today was our official ‘day off.’ So we did the only thing we could do: Visit Dinosaur National Monument.

After a delightful night’s sleep at a less-than-five-star hotel, we gathered the horde (me, my husband and son, my parents, and my two field assistants) and headed out.

The monument was great. My son earned his Junior Ranger badge. E saw lots of bones. We walked the trails and hissed at the Mowry Shale.

We stopped back at town afterwards, to stock up on a few critical items and to sadly discover that my truck’s oil pan has a crack.

We couldn’t get it fixed today, so I’ll be nursing it along probably until I get home.

The day ended with a campsite hike, a short rain, a lovely rainbow, and fun discussion around dinner.

Tomorrow, back to the field.

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