Field Work Travelog – Day 15, Onward and Northward

This morning we left the Hanna Basin. I’m always a little sad to go. It’s like an old friend. I know it’ll be there waiting for me,  but knowing that it will be at least a year before I go back makes me very very sad.

Camp on our last evening. Sad to have to leave.
Camp on our last evening. Sad to have to leave.

I also know that leaving the Hanna Basin will lead to bigger and greater things. And that’s what’s next for me.

Natural Trap Cave

This is an amazing project lead by a friend of mine, Julie Meachen. I’m a part of this project. Wow.

I’ve worked with specimens from Natural Trap Cave before. Back in my postdoc days, I analyzed stable isotopes from several horse teeth collected from the cave prior to its closure in the 70’s. It’s going to be astounding to actually get to go into the cave. And I get to use the equipment that I purchased specifically for this leg of my field season.

Today, we met our team in Lovell, Wyoming. Tomorrow, we supply ourselves and head into the site.

Watch this space, and also my Instagram account for blog posts and photos as the project carries on during the coming week. Furthermore, you can look at Twitter and follow the hashtag #NTCave14 for updates from the participants.

This is going to be incredible!

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