Field work travelog – Day 9, So much measuring

It was a hot one today. Running out of water was a theme, not one I like to have. Ever.

But we survived and successfully completed the needed tasks.

We finished measuring the reference section needed for a project I’m working on, then measured a bit more so we could tie it into the rest of the known stratigraphy.

That was done by lunch. The total section measured was 360 meters.

After a leisurely, celebratory lunch, we went on what ended up being a bit of a death march in the heat. We went back down into the Cretaceous we’d visited on the first day. In our overheated fantasy, we thought we might find a skeleton to go with the bone bits we’d found before.

We found nothing.

But good times anyway. Tomorrow we drive back into Laramie and get some showers, then it’s right back out for the next phase of the project!

Look for some photos to be posted tomorrow!

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