Field work travelog – Day 8, More section and hobby indulgence.

Today was a very productive day for us. We measured 213 meters of section, all the while collecting rock samples at 1.5 meter intervals.

End result: lots of rock samples.

It’s great to have a crew of myself and three capable students.

We have less than 50 meters of section left to measure tomorrow, then it’s off to do other things.

We got back to camp a little early, because we were all tired and I actually ran out of water. Not a good place to be.

Being back early did mean time to enjoy our camp hobbies. I put a collar on my Marth costume. (I’ll tell you more about that later.)

All told, it was a very successful day. I can’t complain about what we’ve accomplished. I’m really looking forward to generating results this winter!

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