Field Work Travelog – Day 2, Rain, Camelot, and the purging of fluids

We camped last night, to save costs. We chose a Yogi Bear Jellystone Resort, which wound up being a noisy disaster. Revenge was ours, however, when thunderstorms put an end to the squealing of children at 3 am. 

Sadly for me, I hadn’t expected rain, so I didn’t properly tuck my ground cloth under my tent. I slept in a pool last night.

// discovered this morning that the power steering fluid was low in the truck. By this afternoon, and after the second filling of the fluid reservoir, it was clear that the power steering system had a massive leak. We made it as far as Rock Island, Illinois, and then called it a night, knowing that in the morning we’d be able to find a mechanic. (Apparently, mechanics don’t work on Sundays.) So here we are in Camelot.



We may lose a day to this, but at least not a whole truck. Well see how things go in the morning.

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