Field work travelog – Day 1, outrunning the Ohio-geists

Today is the first day of the month-long field season of 2014. Today is also the forest day of the the-day drive to get to the field area.

I’m always adamant about getting past Ohio on the first day. Sometimes, I even make it past Chicago.

Today, getting through Ohio was the challenge. So we joked, my students and I, that we needed to make it through Ohio or else the Ohio-geists might get us in our sleep.

Once through Ohio (and safe from roaming Ohio-geists), we stopped at the first campground we found.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone campground.

Party central, this place.

We did find a decent campsite, after some effort. We also got a decent meal without having to drive anywhere.

But it’s loud here. Don’t think I’ll ever stop here again.

Tomorrow: onward to Nebraska!

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