Why is February So Miserable?

March is half over. Spring is (nominally) in the near future (though with the chilly temperatures, it’s hard to imagine).

I have no memory of January. I don’t know where February went. I know I’ve been doing things, because the evidence is all around me. I’ve been teaching, and doing research. Running the lab as always.

But I haven’t been keeping up on this blog very well. I haven’t been exercising as consistently as I could be. I’ve been bugging out of a lot of the evening things that I like to do, mostly because all I want to do is go to bed.

I can feel myself coming out of this slump now. The days are getting longer and I’ve seen the sun.

This seems to happen to me most years at about this time. I have learned that despite my best efforts, February is likely to be a month of low productivity. This year, the annual slump has lasted even right up to his week.

So what is it? Why does this happen? No doubt it is the cold weather and the short, dark days. My level of consciousness seems to always be dictated by the amount of light in the sky. And I am one of those people who can get cold when it’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

This winter, we’ve suffered through two polar vortices, plus a blizzard, and as much snow as we’ve ever experienced in our ten winters here.

I admit it. I’m tired of being cold. It’s been since the year 2000 that I’ve endured such a cold winter that the skin on my knuckles has cracked and bled. The weather is killing me. I hope it improves soon.

I just want to be warm without having to be in front of the fire!

Getting the fire going in the evening....
Getting the fire going in the evening. I do admit that having a fire is lovely.

Next month is that time of year when things are supposed to be seriously warming up. It’s also the time of year for the Blogging from A to Z challenge and Camp NaNoWriMo, two of my favorite things. I’m hoping that increased daylight and warmer temperatures will bring me out of my funk.
How about you? Is February your worst month, or is there another month that drains all your motivation?

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