Day 2 of #NAPC2014 – Another For the Record Books

It’s a four day meeting. This is only the end of day two. And I’m spent.

Well, that’s typical. I usually don’t remember the last two days of any meeting. Looks like the North American Paleontological Convention will be par for the course.

This morning was spent in  session on using biogeochemistry of fossils to reconstruct ancient environments. Every talk was good, and I got a lot out of it all.

The afternoon was filled with the session in which my own poster was a part. This session was on approaches to educational outreach in paleontology. It was also a great session, though the last talk about the loss of teaching and research collections was a bit of a downer. It seems to be a global problem that space is at a premium, and collections are viewed by administrators of lots of institutions as merely taking up space. We as a paleontological community, need to do something to change that attitude.

There was a fun and lively discussion at my poster later this afternoon. In the end, I am pretty pleased with the poster, even though I was unimpressed by it while I was working on it.


Those of us who are avid Twitter users had a tweetup tonight over dinner and adult beverages. It was a much greater challenge than we had expected to find a restaurant that would work, but on the fourth try we gathered at Big Lou’s Pizzeria and had a great time.

And now it’s late and I’m exhausted, as I noted at the beginning. So now it’s time for me to head to bed. Well, I will once I have a few other things done anyway…

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