Watching My Favorite TV Show

National Blog Posting Month – February 2014 – Perspective

Prompt – Write about an event that happened today. Now write about it from the perspective of someone else in the room — your child, your partner, a person dining in the same restaurant… your choice.


Tonight, my favorite TV show came on. The Following is currently the only show I’ll actually watch, and I only started watching it because my favorite actor, James Purefoy, stars in it.

I was working on a grant proposal right up until it began. I almost didn’t pull myself away in time, but I managed. It was a good episode, albeit a bit more predictable than other episodes have been. Still good though.

Throughout the show, my husband kept getting up to check on a cassette tape that he was recording to MP3. It was a bit distracting every time he got up, but he seemed to limit his air-drumming for the commercials, so it was all right.

When the show was over, my husband bemoaned his reluctance to get involved with the show, then went back to his recording. I stumbled off to work on the proposal some more. All told, not too terrible of an evening.


It was that TV show again. You know, the one with that guy. My wife says I have his eyes. I only watch this show because she does, and she only watches it because of that guy.

I was in the middle of recording a Pink Floyd album when she came in. She seemed a little confused at first, but then plopped down in the middle of the floor to watch that show. I really don’t want to get into this show, but I like to sit with her, so what am I going to do? At least the album can continue to record while we watch, and I can check on the fidelity during commercials.

She doesn’t seem to appreciate my air drums though. Maybe she’ll like my air guitar.

By the time the show is over, I’ve managed to record the whole album. Now, I just need to do a little editing and put it on my iPod, then I can enjoy it where ever I go.

I kinda want to snuddle (a term I made up last week), but she’s not having it. Back to the computer she goes, to wrap up that proposal. At least we spent some time together, but it could have been better.

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