Things in the Fridge – The Aftermath – Old Skool

It’s the day after Christmas. A day spent by many recovering from the prior day’s festivities. In most cases, a Christmas celebration involves preparing massive quantities of food. Naturally, no family can ever hope to consume all that food. So what happens to the leftovers?

They go in the ‘fridge, of course.

Today, the Kickin it Old Skool Blog-a-Thon challenges us to show you ten things in our refrigerator.

It's a little crowded in there...
It’s a little crowded in there…

Oh dear.

So… Ten things in our ‘fridge:

1) Seven dozen eggs… This after giving away two dozen this morning and four dozen over the weekend. We have chickens, and get about a dozen eggs a day. Never thought I’d say this, but I’m a little tired of eggs.

2) Leftover ham from Christmas dinner.

3) Leftover ground bear meat with which we made tacos earlier in the week.

4) Boost – a high protein, fast breakfast for me, as I tend to miss brekkie all too often.

5) Three bottles of CoffeeMate creamer, because my husband likes a little coffee with his sugar. (I won’t touch the stuff!)

6) Lemonade – necessary for the mixed drinks consumed to survive yesterday.

7) Er.. McDonald’s apple pies, because I love them. Alas, they have cinnamon in them, so they don’t love me back any more…

8) Cheese and cracker in many forms. Yummy!

9) Milk in three forms, since none of us can drink the same milk: Whole milk for the boy. Skim milk for the husband. Soy milk for me.

10) Apples. The boy likes apples. We live in apple country. They’re about the healthiest snack the boy will eat, so we keep them in abundance.

So that’s ten of the myriad of things jammed in our ‘fridge right now. Although, I admit, the apple pies are no longer in there. They’re about to get into my belly, cinnamon allergy or no.

What’s in your ‘fridge?


  1. TinkNL says:

    I love eggs, but a dozen a day is a bit much. 😉
    Thanks for visiting!


  2. Janet says:

    Lots of eggs! I have the flavored coffeemate in peppermint in mine! I just like a little flavor in the coffee after the 2nd cup.


  3. Johanne says:

    Reverse psychology works every time… Looks like you are ready to have a feast! Is it really bear meat?


    1. Penny says:

      Yup, it’s really bear meat. Our neighbor is a hunter and gives us some of his bounty. In return, we give him eggs and other things…


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