Holiday Traditions – Old Skool

It’s Christmas Day, but the Kickin’ it Old Skool Blog-a-Thon carrys on with a prompt about holiday traditions.

In our house, we don’t have many traditions, but every year we listen to the Jingle Cats album called ‘Meowy Christmas.’

This album was given to me by my post-doc advisor who hates cats, but always indulged my constant meowing in the halls.

It was made by someone sampling their own cat meowing and setting it to Christmas tunes. Our cats always get a little agitated with all the other cats meowing.

As I’m writing this, the boy is tearing open presents and the music is playing quietly in the background.

I hope you’re all enjoying your day!


  1. laura says:

    I’ve never heard of Jingle Cats. I’m going to have to check it out.
    happy holidays!


  2. Suzie Ridler says:

    OMG, that is awesome! I want that now! Merry Christmas. 🙂


  3. Kelly says:

    That’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing your Meowy Catmas tradition!


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