Free Association – Old Skool

The Kickin’ it Old Skool Blog-a-Thon is doing a little free association today. They gave us five words. We’re to write what the words inspire in us…

River – Fresh – Escape – Moment – Night

River – The first thing I thought of was the Genessee River, which runs through Rochester, New York, where I work. Furthermore, it made me think of a short story I’m working on called “A Castle on the Genessee” which is about what might happen if Rochester Castle, from Kent in the UK, suddenly appeared in the middle of the Genessee River in Rochester, NY. I need to work on that…

Fresh – Fabric softener. And flowers. And spring. Since we’ve gotten well over a foot of snow over the last couple of days, spring sounds fabulous.

Escape – “Esss-cop-ay.” Makes me think of Dory from Finding Nemo. And that I’d like to have a vacation.

Moment – A short period of time. A pause. Maybe even a break. Of late, everything that ought to take ‘only a moment’ seems to take hours.

Night – At this time of year, there’s too much night. My waking consciousness is with daylight, which means I’m only functional for the ten hours or so of daylight that we get around here. Makes for very non-productive days…

Now looking back at these, I see a trend. I think I need to take a few days off of work. And I think I will…

Do these words – river, fresh, escape, moment, night – trigger anything in you?


  1. River – hearing the sounds of the river flowing while we play in the mountains riverside.

    Fresh – good, healthy foods that I make for our family each day.

    Escape – our upcoming trip out of town. It’s a welcome escape from home, but also some great sun and family fun times!

    Moment – right here, right now. Baby is playing with toys, Hun and I are both working on different things, just those sounds are calm and lovely.

    Night – (I agree) A time of relaxing with my guys. Oh, and sleep!


  2. John says:

    I hear you on the moment aspect of things taking longer then they should. And with the holidays nigh upon us, the hour glass is emptying way too fast. Enjoyed reading your thoughts!


  3. Love your short story idea! And good on you for recognizing that you need a break. Rest well!


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