Mystery Monday – An Eyepiece and a Dial

I had some fun with this last week. So, let’s see who gets this one. Surely there are several out there who can.

Shiny with sliver and black.
Shiny with silver and black.

It says 'Walz' on it.
It says ‘Walz’ on it.
A bit of patent information for you.
A bit of patent information for you.

It’s a nifty little device that is hardly needed anymore. Although I might just take it with me to the field next time I head out. It could have some utility…

I’ll post the answer on Wednesday.


  1. Wingardium Leviosa says:

    It has to be a view finder and flash attachment for an old filbem camera. The dial looks to be the aperture setting


    1. Penny says:

      You’re close. It does go into the flash slot of a film camera…


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