Where’s my website?

National Blog Posting Month – March 2013 – Risk

Prompt – Talk about a website or blog you wish you had started.


How about a website I wish I’d finish. Or revive. Or work on once in a while.

My husband and I started a website ages ago. We had fanatical dreams of having this great and wonderful thing to show off our brilliant shared collection. We were excited. I started learning HTML. We bought the domain and fleshed out a few pages.

Then we had a child.

Who knew this parenting thing would be so… time consuming?

The website, you ask? It still lives. It’s called Paleopix. It was meant to be an on-line camera museum to showcase my husband’s and my 600+ film cameras, some over 100 years old.

This blog, the one you’re reading right now, is the active part of the website. I’m glad it still lives.

Eventually, I do hope to get back to Paleopix. I’ve been thinking about it. Writing about it. I’ll get there. I’m surrounded by cameras as I type right now, and we have two very full cases of cameras on display in the house, too. We’ll get to it. Someday.

I hope.

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  1. Dave H says:

    I for one appreciate how you’ve shared your camera collection online. Cameras and photography are things my Dad shared with me, and Grandpa shared with him before that. Dad taught me how to work a camera and gave me one of Grandpa’s old Kodaks to practice with. (A Vigilant Six-20 folder. I learned to do my own film processing with that camera too. The 620 size film was big enough to be printed without an enlarger.) Grandpa was the artist though. Dad and I were just mechanics.

    After seeing Paleopix I finally got off my duff and bought the Minox I’ve always wanted. Actually I have two now: a Minox B and a Minox C.

    So thank you for sharing your collection online, even though you may feel you’re not giving the site’s the attention it deserves. For this fan, it’s more than enough.


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