Friday Headlines – September 20, 2019

Friday Headlines, September 20, 2019


This week in geology

  • A new mineral in a diamond

This week in the environment

  • Hurricanes forming like roaches

A Strange, Previously Unknown Mineral Has Been Discovered in a Single Diamond Speck

Inside of a diamond found from deep within the diamond mines of South Africa is a tiny speck of a different mineral. This newly discovered mineral is called Goldschmidtite, and offers new clues to the composition of the interior of the Earth.

Diamonds only form deep within the Earth and are brought to the surface by the explosive forces that create kimberlites. Kimberlites form in kimberlite pipes, deep vertical tubular structures that connect the Earth’s surface with deep parts of the mantle.

‘They’re forming like roaches.’ The 6 tropical storms whirling at once have tied a record

Six tropical storms at once tied a record for the most storms at the same time. The storms were Kiko, Mario Lorena, Imelda, Humberto, and Jerry.

Luckily, most of these storms did minimal damage, but Imelda, which struck the Gulf Coast of Texas caused widespread flooding.

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