L is for Lift – #AtoZChallenge

L is for Lift

Godwin sat with his legs dangling off the side of the bed.

“Planning to go somewhere?” said Kenrick.

“A journey starts with just one step,” said Godwin. “I need to walk.”

“And then what?” said Kenrick.

“Then I’ll do as I’ve promised. I’ll make myself useful.”

“Boys,” said Joan from across the room.

Kenrick sighed. He slapped his thighs and stood up. “Well, I’m going to wash up.”

“You do that, father,” said Joan. She pointed at Godwin with the knife she was using to cut vegetables. “And you’re going to sit right there, David.”

Godwin smiled. “Well now, how am I supposed to be useful all the way over here?”

Joan sighed. Godwin shifted himself toward the edge of the bed. His toes touched the floor now. “Maybe I can come over there and help you cut some things.”

“You should stay laying down,” said Joan.

“I’ve been laying for months,” Godwin cried. He wiggled further. “Maybe if I just—.” Godwin reached for a chair near the bed and tried to pull himself up. Immediately he collapsed back onto the bed.

Joan put down the knife and came to Godwin’s side. “Now David. You know you should rest.”

“You know I’m tired of doing nothing,” Godwin whined. “Please help me stand.”

Kenrick stepped back into the house. He leaned against the wall beside the door observing this in silence.

“Please,” said Godwin. “Please help me get up. I can’t stay laying down forever.”

“It’s a fair point,” said Kenrick.

“It is,” said Joan. “But right now…” She pointed at the cooking.

“Fine,” said Kenrick pushing away from the wall. “Go to your cooking. I’ll put this boy on his toes.”

“Father be kind,” said Joan as she returned to her vegetables.

“Yes, be kind,” said Godwin.

Kenrick held out a hand to Godwin. “All right David. Let’s get up.”

Godwin took Kenrick’s hand. With some effort, he found himself standing, gripping tightly to Kenrick for balance. “It’s not supposed to hurt, is it?” Godwin whimpered.

“It’ll hurt you fool,” said Kenrick. Kenrick shifted his weight and Godwin fumbled with his feet to stay upright.

“All right I think I’m done,” yelped Godwin. “It hurts.”

Kenrick put him back down on the bed. Godwin laid back panting.

“I know you mean well, boy,” said Kenrick. “But you’re a long way from well.” He eyed Joan. “But a hearty meal will help. And good company.” Kenrick turned back to Godwin, who was gazing over at Joan. “Winter is nearly on us, and we won’t be doing much anyway.”

“I don’t feel good about eating your food when I can’t help at all,” said Godwin to Joan. She blushed and went back to slicing vegetables.

“You’ll repay us one day, I’m sure,” said Kenrick. “No need to hurry.”

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