J is for Joan – #AtoZChallenge

J is for Joan

The spoon touched his lips and Godwin opened his mouth. He wasn’t sure he could really taste the broth, but he knew that’s what it was. He could smell it.

He groaned slightly. The effort to swallow was unbelievably exhausting.

The woman cooed over him. “Another bite,” she hummed.

Godwin whimpered as a spoon touched his lips again. He was so urgently hungry.

He blinked and thought he saw the flash of the fire. He turned his head slowly to look. It was there again. A tiny bit of light.

“Are your eyes open? Can you see?”

Godwin wrinkled his nose slightly.

“It’s good you’re waking up,” she said. “You’ve had us frightened.”

Godwin accepted another spoonful of broth. He moaned.

“I hope you’ll find your voice soon too,” she continued.

Godwin shook his head subtly.

“Do you remember my name?” she said. “Remember? I am Joan.”

Godwin tried to repeat her name, but only breathed “oh.”

Joan stroked Godwin’s cheek. “You’ll be all right. You’ve gotten this far.”

Godwin drifted off to sleep again.

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