The Eocene – #Paleontology Field Work 2018 – Day 6

I didn’t post last night because I was tired. But now this morning I have some energy, so I will post about yesterday.

Yesterday was my first day in the field in the Uinta Basin this year. We decided, just for giggles, to bop down to a rock unit lower than our study area because there are abundant leaves and bugs and other things to be seen. The unit is called the Green River Formation, and is famous elsewhere for yielding beautiful fish fossils.

Happiness is collecting fossils with friends!

The Green River Formation is around 50 million years old. We found a few things, including a neeto mosquito and a fossilized feather.

I found a feather.

After a few hours of that, we headed off to a lunchtime siesta. It is no trivial matter to find a shady spot for a nap out in the Uinta Basin.

Nappy time view (when my eyes were open).

We then headed off to a locality high in the Uinta Formation. Once again, Christine showed her 4WD prowess!

Christine high in the Uinta Formation!

In all, it was a good day. I was plenty tired when I got back to camp and had an excellent night sleep on top of that good day.

Now, let’s see what today brings!

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