The Voyage Begins – #Paleontology Field Work 2018 – Day 1

Here it is. Day one. The day I leave the house and begin the three-day drive to my old stomping grounds near Laramie, Wyoming.

Oh, but the getting there. But I’m ready.

Meet Christine, our new (to us) Volvo, now outfitted for proper paleontological expeditioning.

Christine is ready to hit the trails!

I felt pretty awesome driving her. But the first day of three days of driving is just that: Driving. So much driving.

They see me rollin’…

So, once past Chicago, I did as any proper geoscientist would do. I looked for dinner with beer. (I mean, obviously, right?)

It’s always a crapshoot. You just pull off at some exit, hoping to find place to sleep. You’re asking a lot to also find a good place to have an adult beverage that’s within walking distance of your bed. But look!

Craft bar? This looks promising…

I think I won. (I should have bought a lotto ticket today for sure!)

I definitely won.

Now, to get some sleep so I can repeat the process tomorrow. Another full day of driving ahead.

Whew! The sacrifices I make for my science!

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  1. VIMOOZ says:

    Penny, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.


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