Clarifying Medusaceratops – #365papers – 2018 – 25

Chiba, Ryan, Fanti, Loewen, and Evans, 2017, New material and systematic re-evaluation of Medusaceratops lokii (Dinosauria, Ceratopsidae) from the Judith River Formation (Campanian, Montana): Journal of Paleontology, doi: 10.1017/jpa. 2017.62.

What’s it about?

Medusaceratops lokii was named in 2010 by Ryan, Russell, and Hartman. This new paper revises the description of Medusaceratops using some new fossil material.  With the new description, the authors then do a new analysis of the evolutionary position of Medusaceratops.

Why does it matter?

This revision helps explain some of the unexpected characteristics of Medusaceratops by showing that Medusaceratops had been mis-categorized in the first place. In order to understand how evolution occurs, it’s important to have the relationships among animals in the right order.

Why did I read this?

I was kind of tired of geochemistry papers, so dinosaurs seemed like a good idea.

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