Cavers’ delight – #NTCave2017

Today was the last day in the cave. Tomorrow we pack up and leave. We were short on strong bodies for moving dirt for remediation and on vehicles for hauling our gear out. 

Local cavers were invited to come and help, the pay being a chance to drop into Natural Trap Cave.



While they were working, I looked at the Mississippian fauna of the Madison Limestone, the rock that hosts the cave.

I particularly liked this spiriferid brachiopod.

The cavers (and me) were in for a special treat. We got permission to explore some of the passages off the main chamber with the task of removing survey markers from last summer’s cave mapping.


Skull and crossbones. Maybe I won’t go in there. (Sideways)

Emerging from a passage.

We had to slide our bodies past this column without breaking it.

Dropping in.

Now the day is over. The cave is unrigged. Time to hang it up and go home.

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