Making Ethanol? Grow Black Locust – #365papers – 2017 – 113

#365papers for April 23, 2017

Gonzalez-Garcia, Moreira, Feijoo, and Murphy, 2012, Comparative life cycle assessment of ethanol production from fast-growing wood crops (black locust, eucalyptus and poplar): Biomass & Bioenergy, v. 39, p. 378-388.

What’s it about?

Fast growing wood is a potential source for sugars that can be fermented to alcohols. This paper discusses three of the most commonly grown woods and their relative ‘goodness’ for use as a source for ethanol.

Why does it matter?

By carefully selecting the best wood to grow, we can maximize the output of ethanol and generate the most ethanol possible.

Why did I read this?

In the continuing legacy of my ethanol jag, I was thinking about crops that could be grown on our own property to be used for ethanol production. Looks like black locust is the way to go!

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