Ethanol Can Help – #365papers – 2017 – 110

#365papers for April 20, 2017

Farrell, Plevin, Turner, Jones, O’Hare, and Kammen, 2006, Ethanol can contribute to energy and environmental goals: Science, v. 311, p. 506-508.

What’s it about?

An important question about producing ethanol from crops is whether or not the energy costs of production outweigh the energy gained from the ethanol produced. The authors here take six previous studies that had very different results and come up with a means to compare them. In doing so, they are able to show where ethanol can, in fact, yield greater energy than it costs to produce.

Why does it matter?

If we want to get away from the use of fossil fuels, we must find reliable, energy-effective replacements. Ethanol may work, for at least some applications.

Why did I read this?

This week’s focus is on biofuels. I have wondered myself if bio-ethanol was a viable resource. It appears that it is.

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