What Causes Mass Extinctions? – #365papers – 2017 – 23

#365papers for January 23, 2017

Bond and Grasby, 2016, On the causes of mass extinctions: Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

What’s it about?

This paper discusses the linkage between Large Igneous Provences (LIPs) and mass extinction events. It also summarizes all of the known mass extinctions, including but not limited to the so-called “Big 5” extinctions.

Why does it matter?

There’s kinda this thing where most large extinctions are being blamed on extraterrestrial impacts. This suggests that it’s igneous activity that is more commonly the culprit.

Why did I read this?

I teach a whole section on mass extinctions in my paleontology course. This paper is a nice review of the state of knowledge about extinctions in the geologic record.

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