Solar Powered Brewing – #365papers – 2017 – 18

#365papers for January 18, 2017

Bair, 2014, Solar Powered Brewing of Beverages: United States Patent Application, Pub. no. US 2014/0186493 A1.

What’s it about?

This patent is for a unique method of harnessing solar energy for malting, boiling, and fermenting beer and other fermented beverages.

Why does in matter?

With the extreme cost of energy and the high demands for heat in the brewing business, it’s worthwhile to pursue renewable, ‘free’ sources of heat. This design allows for the production of beer using only solar energy for heat.

Why did I read this?

I like to think about opening my own brewery one day, and the use of renewable energy will be an important component. Though I read most of this, it was loaded with technical jargon and legal-speak, which made it tough going. I’m not sure if this system is sized for home brewing or for larger scales.

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