Meet Scout

Today we welcomed a new member to our family.

Meet Scout.


Scout is a 3-year-old purebred Husky who happens to be Comet’s cousin. He needed to be re-homed for various, heartbreaking, reasons.

Contemplative pup.
Contemplative pup.

I’m glad we were able to take him in. He gets along fine with Comet, which is a great relief to us.

Checking out the chickens.
Checking out the chickens.

Though he does find Comet’s endless energy to be a bit… much.


No doubt we’ll make mistakes as pup parents, but we’ll do the best we can.

What's going on over there, I wonder?
What’s going on over there, I wonder?

And I think Scout understands our motives. At least he seemed OK with the moving part.

'It's an automatic? Good. I can't drive stick.'
‘It’s an automatic? Good. I can’t drive stick.’

Keep watching this space, because no doubt there will be lots of updates!

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