Friday Headlines: March 4, 2016

Friday Headlines, March 4, 2016


Today’s round-up:

Major Earthquake on the Way?

Fossilized Nervous System


Concerns of “Major” West Coast Earthquake Growing as San Andreas, Melones and Elsinore Faults Spew More Carbon Monoxide

On February 26, NASA satellites detected a huge release of carbon monoxide from major faults along the west coast of North America. Such emissions have preceded major earthquakes in other parts of the world in the past.

This, along with other evidence that parts of the San Andreas fault is ready to rupture, causing a massive earthquake, has lead many to be very concerned that a major earthquake is on its way.


Paleontologists Find 520 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Central Nervous System

A new fossil called Chengjiangocaris kunmingensis, and is likely an ancestor to modern arthropods like spiders and scorpions. The stunning preservation of this particular specimen shows the nerve cord running from the brain and down the length of the body. Like modern arthropods, this nerve cord has bead-like ganglia at each body segment that likely served to control the legs associated with each segment.

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  1. I agree that earthquake can occur in the fault. However, when and the right timing are needed to warn the people. The creation of new data can be sent to the USGS for research. My web is about earthquakes science


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