Clear Your Hydrant. Save Your Home.

We had a big snow storm yesterday. Lots of heavy, wet snow. Heart attack snow, it’s called, because if you have heart problems, trying to shovel this stuff might just trigger one.

And I felt it. I still feel it. I hurt. I ache. The little knob on the back of my skull behind my ear is throbbing. How is that even possible?

But despite all this, I took the time and energy to do this one thing:

One clear hydrant.
One clear hydrant.

I did the same thing about this time last year:

Same hydrant, last year.
Same hydrant, last year.

I posted that photo last year on social media, and was astounded when people advised me that it wasn’t my responsibility and that I should call the Fire Department and have them do it.

I assure you, in no uncertain terms, this is NOT the responsibility of the Fire Department! Even if it was, there are literally thousands of hydrants out there. There’s NO REASONABLE WAY that any Fire Department could handle such a task.

But it is YOUR HOME!

I’m not able to embed this, but do please follow this link:

What it says is this: There was a working garage fire. But “Firefighters were delayed getting water as the fire hydrant was not shoveled out.

That could be your house. Your HOME.

The moral here is this. If you can do it, shovel out the hydrant nearest your home. If you’re not able to do it, then find someone who can. If you are able, offer to help someone else.

In addition, while you’re shoveling, make sure there is a clear, wide path from the road to your door. The benefits of this become clear if anyone in your home has an emergency. Stretchers don’t roll well on snow. You want to make sure emergency crews can get to you easily should something happen.

I’ll be improving the path to our door myself tonight…On the assumption that I can get the car into the driveway, that is. Just keep shoveling.

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