Field Work Travelogue: Day 6 – Resupply

It seems like it was only two days ago when I went into town to get groceries and water…

Oh wait, it was only two days ago…

But with a 20+ person crew, groceries go fast. So I took the day off from the cave to head back into Lovell for groceries.

This isn’t actually a bad thing. I’m pretty exhausted from the fast and furious mode of work I’ve been doing for the last week, and a more leisurely day was greatly appreciated. I had company this time, too, which made it more fun.

Plus, I got a hot shower.

Tonight, the wind has come up. It tore down the canopy we had at the cave mouth and is currently buffetting my tent. I wonder how well I’ll sleep tonight?

No worries.

Tomorrow I’ll head back down below and put in another long day in the cave. I’m looking forward to it.

And this time I’ll bring my good camera!

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