Field Work Travelogue: Day 2 – Arrival At Natural Trap Cave #NTCave15

This is really the fourth day of my field season, but day two in which the Principal Investigator has been on the road, so we’ll call it day two.

One might consider today day one, because today is the day that we made it to the field site and pitched our tents.

The drive was lovely. We had to cross the Bighorn Mountains.

High Altitude Meadows
High Altitude Meadows

Snow in summer.
Snow in summer.
Steep Road and Substantial Drop-offs.
Steep Road and Substantial Drop-offs.

This year, I was able to get my truck all the way into camp. It’s great to have my truck here, rather than an hour away at the bottom of the hill.

Truckie at the top
Truckie at the top

Tomorrow the work really starts. Rigging the cave for the getting in and out – on a single rope, mind you. Getting the rules from the Bureau of Land Management. And getting settled in for a few weeks of hard-core work.

Keep watching this space. I’ll be updating daily! Also check the Twitter hashtag, #NTCave15 for updates from the field crew.

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