D is for Dunkel

D is for Dunkel


Dunkel is a funny word. Admit it, it’s silly. It’s what one 5-year-old might call another 5-year-old. You can totally see that, right?

But it’s also a word for a specific kind of beer. Dunkel is a German word for dark. Dunkel beers are dark lagers. Later in the challenge, I’ll explain what a lager is, but think of the American macro-brews like Budweiser or Coors. These common, smooth beers are light colored lagers.

Darker beers tend to have a stronger flavor, and lagers tend to (at least in my opinion) drink best chilled and have a crisp flavor – rather than a lingering flavor characteristic of most ales I drink. A dunkel, then, is a little heavier than an American lager, but still goes down much easier than dark ales like porters or stouts.

I’m participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. The goal is to write a post prompted by a letter of the alphabet on each day of April (except Sunday). My theme this year is brewing. Visit my other A to Z posts by clicking here.

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