B is for Beer

B is for Beer


Most folks use the term Ale and Beer interchangeably, as I mentioned yesterday. But “Beer” has a fairly strict definition.

Beer is a fermented beverage that contains three specific ingredients: barley malt, hops, and yeast. Since most alcoholic beverages contain malt and use yeast, it’s really the hops that set beer aside from other drinks. Even if you can’t really taste the hops, like in a basic lager, they’re still there. And there there are the drinks for the hop-addicts: the IPAs (India Pale Ales, so good!).

You can add additional ingredients. Cinnamon and pumpkin are fun to add in the fall. Orange peel and ginger make for a delicious brew.

As long as your drink has hops, it’s a beer.


I’m participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. The goal is to write a post prompted by a letter of the alphabet on each day of April (except Sunday). My theme this year is brewing. Visit my other A to Z posts by clicking here.

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