Friday Headlines: 1-30-15

Friday Headlines, January 30, 2015



Today’s round-up:

Landslide video!

Exploding volcano video!

Inside the Greenland ice sheet


You must watch this! An amazing new landslide video from Dagestan

In the category of “No, you can’t outrun that” I give you a landslide:


Two incredible eruptions of Volcán de Colima caught on webcam

Because it’s always fun to see volcanoes erupt.

Volcán de Colima is a volcano about 300 miles from Mexico City. This volcano exists due to the subduction of the Cocos Plate beneath the North American plate.


A 3-D view of the Greenland Ice Sheet opens window on ice history

One of the amazing things about modern technology is our remote sensing capabilities. We are able to use bouncing seismic vibrations or reflecting radar waves to see deep into the Earth. In this case, scientists at NASA have used radar to map the extent, and different ages, of the ice that forms the cap on Greenland.

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