Wednesday’s Whimsy

I stayed home sick today. I’m still sick. I hope that I’m un-sick tomorrow. This sick business stinks.

In the meantime, I laid around a lot, and fiddled on Twitter (and Facebook, too). This tweet caught my eye:

// one in the lower right. I have that one.


// I went and looked.


This may be one of my most favorited and retweeted posts ever. Who knew so many would be excited about my little book?

My little book had been buried in boxed in our attic. We plan to clean out that space this summer. I think it’s going to be fun. Check out what else I found:



// how about this diskette that I paid lots for back when I was a graduate student. People don’t use this software any more.


There was more. Lots more. No doubt come summer, there will be a ton of Wednesday Whimsy posts. For now, I think I’ll lay down again. Seriously, when you’re sick, you shouldn’t be digging around in the attic

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