Magnetic Wisdom

Today, I got my grubby fingers on one of those sets of magnetic words that people use to make creative poetry on their refrigerators. This particular set is from an office products catalog.

We generated some wisdom and left in on the blackboard in the lab. I thought I should share.

Always wear coffee. Seems like good advice.

We want desks too. Standing up to do work is kinda sucky.
Smile Everywhere. Because there isn’t enough happy.
I like your squeaky chair. Because I do. Sit in a shredder. Because I hate you.
Never eat my laser printer. This is always a problem around here.
The amazing defibrillator office is tidy. One would hope this is always the case.

Last, but not least, is my favorite:

Lamps and glue listen to you.
Lamps and glue listen to you.

That is all.

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