Field work travelog – Day 23, turtles, crocs, and mammals, oh my.

We got into camp late last night, with barely enough daylight to get tents pitched and go to sleep.

This morning we got up early and headed out to a locality I’d never visited before.

Despite the heat, we had a very successful day. We started with the tour of the locality, highlighting various mammal and turtle fossils.

In fact, there were so many turtles, we had to ignore most of them. What a great problem to have!

We found some new mammal material. That was cool.

Then there was was that croc my student found. Really cool.

Rain in the afternoon truncated our work day. Truly, it was a relief at the end of a sweltering day.

Tomorrow, we go back. Three jackets are in the queue to be made first thing. And then, who knows.

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