Field work travelog – Day 19, Micro-vertebrates #NTCave14

Today was the first full day of work in Natural Trap Cave.

It started with getting the necessary full set of equipment into the cave.

// took a while, then the scientists began to enter.


Because of my finger injury, I’m not able to go into the cave. While they’re down there, there’s not a lot to do. So we made ourselves comfortable and waited for the crew in the cave to send us something to work with.

//, finally, we got some sediment from the cave for screenwashing.


I was very happy when we started finding bones almost immediately.



My student found an amazing little jaw.


The day ended with a delicious dinner and fabulous conversation. Tomorrow is going to be even better than today!

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  1. Diane Godfrey says:

    Did you find the Jackalopes?
    I told you they were elusive cutters:)


    1. Penny says:

      We didn’t see any while we were there, but I’m told there was jackalope scat


      1. Anonymous says:

        I hear my dad and cousin were up today; my dad has been known to plant scat around. He’s an old jokester.


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